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TITLE; Lamor2
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | 9:52 PM | 0 comments

Lamor2 Pre-orders is now open!!!
Below is my real life cousin's image after drinking Lamor2.
No scam, 100% SAFE & its from Korea.

Selling @ SGD$100 for 15 packs of tea per box. 
Comes with a free postage or meetup for collection.

Benefit after drinking it: 
• Anti wrinkle
• Natural shaping
• Facial Depression Filing
• Increase skin elasticity
• Improve the moisturizing
• Improve sedation and overcome stress
• Improves body system and enhances immunity
• Anti-cancer promotion ability
• Anti-Diabetic Ability
• Cytokine Producing ability

100% SAFE to drink, within 7-10 days CONFIRM see results. Dont worry, as myself have already start drinking this product. For teenagers or the senior citizens. Suits both man & woman. Interested parties, please LINE me @ ahhgiirl

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